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Who is responsible for flooding?

Responsibilities and who to contact for different types of flooding:

Flooding type




Our Highways team provide and manage highway drainage and ensure that road projects do not increase flood risk.

You can report road related damage/problems to us

Public sewer/burst water mains

Severn Trent Water | 0800 783 4444 | @stwater

You can report problems directly

Main rivers

Environment Agency | 0845 988 1188 | @EnvAgency

You can call the 24 hour incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60

Ordinary watercourses

Small rivers and streams which are not managed by the Environment Agency. They are the responsibility of the owners of their banks (riparian owners)

We must provide consent to any changes on these, see making changes to waterways.

Rising groundwater

The property owner but we can provide advice.

See preparing for flooding

Flood risk

Nottinghamshire County Council Flood Team

Contact the team:

Frequently asked questions

Whether your home or business or community has flooded, the following sections can help you to answer questions you may have about advice and support. 

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