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Page last updated on 23 February 2022 at 4:15pm.

Latest update on buildings, services and events

Death registrations

The registration of deaths has now returned to face-to-face appointments in our registration offices.

Please do not call us to make an appointment to register the death. Upon receipt of the medical certificate of cause of death from the GP or hospital doctor the registrar will telephone the next of kin.

All 12 of our recycling centres for household waste currently remain open (8am - 6pm daily). 

Please avoid busy periods if possible, such as weekends and between 10am-4pm.

For more information please read our frequently asked questions.

For the latest information please visit the websites below:

Notts Outdoors centres are open to the public and school groups for day and residential visits in line with Covid-19 guidance. For the latest news and updates on Notts Outdoors venues including Hagg Farm, St Michaels, The Mill Adventure Base, Perlethorpe, Brackenhurst and Sherwood Forest, see the Notts Outdoors website.

Children's Centres continue to provide a range of services for parents to be and families with children under 5 years old. These include family support and parenting, child development including communication, support for new parents including breastfeeding support, help getting back into work and much more.

Visit our Children's Centre Service for further information and updates. We will also be updating information on Notts Help Yourself. Children’s Centre Service teams are available by phone and online.  

Call your local Children’s Centre Service team for more information.


  • Butlers Hill and Broomhill Children's Centre: 0115 9773748
  • Summer House Children's Centre: 0115 9773741
  • Kirkby East Children's Centre (Summit Centre): 0115 9773746


  • Manton Children's Centre: 0115 9773758
  • Hallcroft Children's Centre: 0115 9773754
  • West Bassetlaw (Langold) Children's Centre: 0115 9773759


  • Chilwell Children's Centre: 0115 9773743
  • Eastwood Children's Centre: 0115 9773742


  • Arnbrook Children's Centre: 0115 9773752
  • Netherfield Children's Centre: 0115 9773751


  • Ladybrook Children's Centre: 0115 9773763
  • Mansfield Woodhouse Children's Centre: 0115 9773765
  • Ravensdale Children's Centre: 0115 9773740

Newark and Sherwood:

  • Hawtonville Children's Centre: 0115 9773745
  • Ollerton and Boughton Children's Centre: 0115 9773747
  • Sherwood Children's Centre: 0115 9773744


  • Bingham Children's Centre: 0115 9773749

As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, and in response to the Coronavirus Act 2020, we are making some temporary but significant changes to the way we provide adult social care in Nottinghamshire. This is to make sure that we can support the most vulnerable people in our communities during this time. Find out more about our Adult Social Care offer

Day services

Nottinghamshire County Council internal Day Services reopened buildings and commenced a transitional service delivery on 31st August 2020. This offer comprises of a range of services including building based, community outreach support and virtual support. It is intended to continue providing services but these will remain under constant review to ensure there are enough resources to operate.

Direct payments

Guidance for people receiving direct payments and personal assistants

Using direct payments during the coronavirus outbreak: the most important things to know

 Childcare providers: health and safety

All childcare providers have their own health and safety risk assessments, and keep them under review. The Government has asked childcare provider to implement certain approaches to reduce health risks. You can ask your childcare provider for more information, or for more information please use the links below:

More details: meeting friends and family

There are changes to the guidance for the use of face coverings in all schools. For more information please visit our back to school web page.

Youth Centres are open and following Government and public health guidance to provide a Covid-responsible service.

All public transport provided by Nottinghamshire County Council and our bus stations is continuing, with measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in place.

Further information about the use of public transport during the lockdown can be found on the Government guidelines page.

School transport

Our dedicated school transport services will continue to run to accommodate pupils who will be travelling to school as per the Government guidelines.

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Tune in to local radio

  • BBC Radio Nottingham: 103.8 and 95.5 FM
  • Capital FM: 96.2 to 96.5 FM
  • Lincs FM (Newark area only):102.2 FM
  • Trax FM (Bassetlaw area only): 107.9 FM
  • Radio Newark (Newark area only) 107.8 FM

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