Applying for a school place – September 2022

If your child lives in Nottinghamshire, and you require a school place for September 2022, you must apply for a school place through Nottinghamshire County Council, even if the schools you want are outside Nottinghamshire.

Before applying, please read our admissions to schools guides for parents and factsheets, all linked below. These contain important information about how school places are allocated and the extra help available to you and your child. You should also read our school information which gives details about all Nottinghamshire schools and includes a summary of the oversubscription criteria.

Nottinghamshire County Council does not have any Atypical schools in the local authority area but there are some schools in neighbouring local authority areas. If you wish to apply for admission to these types of schools you can find details in Admissions to school: School Information 2021-2022 (secondary schools)

If you are unsure whether you live in the area covered by Nottinghamshire County Council, you can find your local council on GOV.UK.

Apply for a school place


Additional information

Parents may seek a place for their child outside the normal age group, for example if the child is gifted and talented, has experienced ill health or is a summer born child whose parent is considering delaying admission until compulsory school age. Please refer to the following information:

You can use this form if you need to provide additional information to support your application for a community or voluntary controlled school in Nottinghamshire.

Comparative admissions statistics [PDF] for the last 3 years for Nottinghamshire.

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