Changing school in-year

An in-year application is for children requiring a school place during the school year, rather than at the usual transfer time to school. You can make an application to transfer school in-year for the current academic year (2020-2021) or for September 2021.

Please note:

  • applications can be made up to 6 weeks, or during the preceding school half term, before the required start date
  • applications must be made by a person with parental responsibility
  • we recommend that you state up to 4 preferences, starting with the school you most prefer
  • the application will be processed in line with NCC’s coordinated scheme and your child should continue to attend their current school until an admission date has been agreed.If your request for a school place is refused, you will have the right to an independent appeal. Full details will be provided with the outcome of your application including information about how to appeal.
  • Check here for where to apply, as some schools manage their own in-year admissions.

Moving house

If you have recently moved house you may be requested to provide proof of residence so that the admission authority can verify the address of your child.

If you move house within Nottinghamshire and you want your child to stay at their current school, they may do so although you may not be eligible for help with any transport costs. It is important, therefore, that you consider transport to school and check your entitlement. Check your eligibility for travel assistance here.

Moving into the catchment area of a school will not guarantee your child a place at that school.

Schools information and oversubscription criteria 2020-2021



Schools information and oversubscription criteria 2021-2022



Other local authority areas

To apply for schools in other local authority areas you should contact the local authority directly for advice on how to apply.

Useful information

In-year applications


Fair access

Every Local Authority is required to have a Fair Access Protocol, developed in partnership with schools, to ensure that unplaced children, especially the most vulnerable, are found and offered a place quickly. Where it is not possible to secure a place through the usual admission process an application may be referred by Nottinghamshire County Council’s school admissions team in line with Nottinghamshire County Council’s Fair Access Protocol. Parental applications for school places cannot be made directly to the Fair Access Team and applications need to be made as outlined on the Apply to change school 'in-year' page.  

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