School catchment areas

Nottinghamshire community and voluntary controlled schools all have a designated catchment area.  Children living in these catchment areas will have higher priority within the oversubscription criteria than children living outside these catchment areas. There is no guarantee of a place for children resident within a catchment area or for children who subsequently move at a later date.

Other schools such as academy, voluntary aided and free schools may also use catchment within their admission arrangements.

View the catchment area for your home address

Oversubscription criteria

Some own admission authority schools do not consider living within the catchment area as a priority within their oversubscription criteria so you may find that there is not a catchment displayed for your home address. You should check individual school oversubscription criteria for further information about how places are allocated.


Catchment areas for church schools are generally based on parish boundaries and often cover a wide area. Sometimes, they 'overlap' catchment areas for other schools; sometimes they have an area which no other school serves. Parish boundaries are not maintained by the school admissions team and you should look on the school website or visit the relevant Diocese to view your parish:

Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information the Council hold on catchment areas, anomalies do exist. You are advised to discuss your full details with a member of the school admissions team before carrying out any action as a result of search findings.

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