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Full Council
5 Jul 2012 - 10:00 to 17:00
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Standard Items
2 Apologies for Absence
3 Declarations of Interest
(a) Personal
(b) Prejudicial
4 Chairman's Business
Presentation of Awards/Certificates (if any)
5 Constituency Issues
(see note 5 below)
6 Presentation of Petitions (if any)
(see note 6 below)
7 Questions
(a) Questions to Nottinghamshire Police Authority and Nottinghamshire and City of Nottingham Fire Authority

(b) Questions to Committee Chairmen
Public Items

Council recognises that litter is frequently caused by the sale of food and drink on the go and that research by the Tidy Britain Group (2011) has identified that nearly 60 percent of the litter on Nottinghamshire’s streets can be attributed to this cause.

Council recognises that very often opposition to new takeaway food outlets is based on a likely increase in litter and that experience of those living near takeaway outlets bears out the fact that this happens.

Council acknowledges that there are takeaway operators who take responsibility for their surroundings and who take measures to provide litter bins etc for their customers.

Nevertheless a quick tour around any part of the County near a takeaway would show that litter is still a problem.

Council believes that a two pronged approach is needed to deal with the problem of litter generated by the sale of food and drink on the go and that it is important to focus on residential neighbourhood areas as well as parts of the County’s Town Centres.  This approach should encompass both proactive campaigning involving key stakeholders and the use of enforcement powers.

Council is aware that local authorities have the power (under the Environment Protection Act 1990 as amended by the Clean Neighbourhoods Act 2005) to issue street litter control notices to compel takeaways and other outlets which can generate litter to remove litter that originates from their premises and is within a certain distance of it.  Council believes that there are cases in which the use of this legislation would make a huge difference to the environment of people living or working near takeaway outlets.

Council is aware of other authorities that either use, or highlight, these powers.  These include Leicester, Manchester and Chichester.

Council believes that in an environment where money for services such as street cleansing is tight, every possible avenue should be explored to keep our streets clean.

Council requests the Environment Committee to give consideration for:-

A Pride in our (shopping) Parades campaign to be launched in pilot areas around the County to bring together shopkeepers and residents to see what can be done voluntarily to reduce the litter emanating from takeaway outlets and other retail outlets.  These areas should be selected on the recommendation of ward councillors and should be spread around the County fairly.

The administration to begin to use street litter control notices and to consult ward councillors on locations in which this would make a difference to litter control.

The publication of these existing legal powers on the County Council’s website so that residents can see what options are open to authorities, should they choose to take them.

Liaise with all Borough and District Authorities within Nottinghamshire to strengthen a joint approach to dealing with the problem.

Councillor Ken Rigby             Councillor Jason Zadrozny

15 Adjournment Debate (if any)

(A)    For Councillors

(1)    Group meetings of Members will be held as follows:-

                 Thursday 28th June 2012

                 Liberal Democrat Group        -       10.00 am

                 Monday 2nd July 2012

                 Independent Group              -       1.30 pm

 Wednesday 4th July 2012

                 Conservative Group     -       10.00 am

                Labour Group              -       1.30 pm

 (2)    The Chairman has agreed that the Council will adjourn for lunch at their discretion.

 (3)    (a)    Persons making a declaration of interest should have regard to the Code of Conduct and the Procedure Rules for Meetings of the Full Council.  Those declaring must indicate whether their interest is personal or prejudicial and the reasons for the declaration.

         (b)    Any member or officer who declares a prejudicial interest in an item must withdraw from the meeting during discussion and voting upon it, unless a dispensation has been granted. Members or officers requiring clarification on whether to make a declaration of interest are invited to contact the Monitoring Officer or Democratic Services prior to the meeting.

         (c)    Declarations of interest will be recorded and included in the minutes of this meeting and it is therefore important that clear details are given by members and others in turn, to enable the Service Manager Governance and Scrutiny to record accurate information.

 (4)    Members are reminded that these papers may be recycled.                                             Appropriate containers are located in the respective secretariats.

 (5)    Members are given an opportunity to speak for three minutes on any particular issue which relates to matters relevant to their constituencies or any particular issues arising in their electoral division. This would be an opportunity simply to air these issues in Council meeting. It would not give rise to a debate on the issues or a question or answer session

 (6)    Members are reminded that petitions can be presented from their seat with a 1 minute time limit set on introducing the petition.

  (B)   For Members of the Public

(1)    Members of the public wishing to inspect "Background Papers" referred to in the reports on the agenda or Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act should contact:

Customer Services Centre 08449 80 80 80.

(2)    The papers enclosed with this agenda are available in large print if       required.  Copies can be requested by contacting the Customer Services Centre on 08449 80 80 80. Certain documents (for example appendices and plans to reports) may not be available electronically.  Hard copies can be requested from the above contact.

(3)    Information in respect of this meeting is available in a wide range of    languages which can be provided in large print, Braille and audio. Please contact the number referred to above.


Exempt Items


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David TaylorMedical/illness
Councillor Les WardMedical/illness
Brian WombwellHoliday
Jason ZadroznyMedical/illness
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