What is public health?

Public health is about working together to protect and improve the health of those living and visiting Nottinghamshire, and to reduce differences in health between people and communities from different backgrounds.

The Public Health Outcomes Framework sets out a vision for public health that is to improve and protect the nation's health and improve the health of the poorest fastest.

Our vision

Key building blocks for health: safe housing, best start for children, education & skills, good diet, secure employment, family & friend connections

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Where these building blocks are strong, people enjoy good health and wellbeing.

Where any of these blocks are missing, they can create avoidable and unfair differences in health.

This means that some people don’t live as long as others and spend a greater number of those years in poor health. These are known as health inequalities. For example, someone who is unemployed for periods of time might experience greater stress or financial strain which impacts on their ability to eat well, heat their home in winter, care for family etc. Their stress and financial pressures impact their lifestyle and increase the chance of them suffering from mental and physical illnesses. 

Public health aims to strengthen these key building blocks and where any blocks are missing, to support individuals and communities with the impact this has on their health.

Our focus

From working with residents and partners, we have identified four key ambitions as reflected in the Nottinghamshire Health and Wellbeing strategy

The four public health ambitions: maximise child potential, create healthy and sustainable places, support for everyone to improve health, keep communities safe and healthy

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Find more information on the Health and Wellbeing Strategy ambitions and priorities.

How can we achieve this?

We use data to understand needs. We commission services to support residents. We work with partners to develop and deliver plans. We work to create environments which support good health and wellbeing.

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