Director of Public Health Annual Report 2023

Welcome to my 2023 annual report which has been co-produced with people in Nottinghamshire. My aim is to raise awareness of the challenges facing people with lived experience of severe multiple disadvantage and to share recommendations for what is important for improving outcomes.

This year’s report is in video format. You will hear about difficulties encountered, struggles overcome and courage and pride in what individuals have achieved.

I have referred to it as “my report”.  But it has been shaped by the real stories and insights of people with lived experience of severe multiple disadvantage who have co-produced it with us. So, I invite you to listen now to testimonies they give and the recommendations they have shaped. And then to take action.

Jonathan Gribbin
Former Director of Public Health, Nottinghamshire County Council

Severe multiple disadvantage is a way of describing the lived experience of people whose current circumstances have been strongly shaped by deprivation, trauma, and abuse – often leading to experiences of homelessness, mental ill-health, domestic abuse/sexual violence, harmful use of drugs and alcohol, and perhaps contact with the criminal justice system. These experiences can leave people vulnerable to some of the worst health and wellbeing of any group in Nottinghamshire.

Jonathan Gribbin, Director of Public Health, introduces his 2023 Annual Report. Hear about what we mean by severe multiple disadvantage and why this is the focus of this year’s report.

Join Julian as he shares an inspiring journey from loss through to recovery and hope. Hear about the importance of support from others and of appropriate housing in the recovery process, and discover how he is overcoming severe multiple disadvantage to create a life he is proud of.

Discover a powerful story of resilience and recovery as Claire speaks about her experience of homelessness, mental health struggles and dependency on substances. Hear about the support she found worked for her, the sense of purpose she has found and how she is achieving more than she ever thought she could.

Listen to Lisa's incredible journey from ‘rock bottom’ associated with substance use, to finding herself again. Lisa is now two and a half years sober and is in employment supporting other people on their paths to recovery. She speaks of the importance of engaging with continued support and the need to break down stigma surrounding substance use.

Natalie speaks of the trauma of sexual assault and her difficulties in finding a safe place to live. Her moving story emphasises the importance of continuity of care from professionals, as well as the value of being supported to explore different ways to cope with trauma.

Hear from Jonathan Gribbin, Director of Public Health, as he summarises the key recommendations co-produced with people contributing to the report. Learn about housing solutions, trauma-informed care, better ways to share information, our use of language, and how we need to make co-production systematic and sustainable.

To learn more about severe multiple disadvantage in Nottinghamshire, and for a glossary of terms and list of relevant services, please see this document. It also contains a short summary of the health and wellbeing of people generally in Nottinghamshire.

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