Getting ready for work

Family hub networks are soon being rolled out in Nottinghamshire. Children’s centre services will continue as normal while we make the changes. Find out more about our roll out of family hubs and what it means to you

We often hear parents say “I’m just a mum/dad.” Well, there’s no “just” about it. Being a parent/carer is one of the most important jobs there is and gives you loads of “transferable skills” should you decide that going to work is right for you and your family.

A great way to dip your toe into the world of work is through volunteering. We’ve got lots of exciting opportunities in the Children’s Centre Service. Speak to a member of the Children’s Centre Service team or take a look at our Volunteers web page.

If you would like to work, but it all seems a bit daunting, then our Opening Doors to Confidence course at your local Children’s Centre Service building could be exactly what you are looking for, as a first step on the pathway to training or work.

We also work in partnership with Job Centre Plus and local colleges to run the Opening Doors to Employment course, again at your Children’s Centre Service building.  We usually provide a creche for these two courses, as we know that feeling confident about leaving your little one in the care of someone else is all part of the journey to being ready to leave them in someone else’s care when you go to work.

We can also offer 1:1 information, advice and guidance, where we can offer advice on writing your CV, applying for jobs and signposting to other organisations that can help, including linking you with relevant training providers.

There are lots of success stories of parents who decided they wanted to do something and went on to do  Just take a look at these quotes from some Nottinghamshire parents, who the Children’s Centre Service has already supported:

We can support you to think about your childcare needs, working with our colleagues in the Families Information Service, who regularly update Notts Help Yourself with information on childcare providers and ways to get support with some of the costs.

You can also contact the Council’s Early Childhood Services Team about childcare queries and funding.

For additional help and support, there are lots of organisations that can help:

If you need support to build your confidence and skills to prepare for work, please contact your local Children’s Centre Service Team or complete the Request for Service Form.

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