Adult Social Care offer

The Council is following the Government’s advice in response to the Coronavirus outbreak and making some temporary but significant changes to the way we provide adult social care in Nottinghamshire. This is to make sure that we can support the most vulnerable people in our communities during this time.

The Government has now published the Coronavirus Act, amongst other things this changes Nottinghamshire County Council’s statutory duties in relation to Social Care during this emergency situation. Our key role is to respond quickly to people who are most vulnerable during this time. 

We have three key priorities:

People who already have support from Adult Social Care

We have emergency plans in place to make sure we continue to support people. The support will be different as we can no longer support people in the same way. This means we will work more with people in their home or through telephone support to make sure we follow the stay at home guidance.

We have sent letters to people who already receive support from the Council to provide them with information on what to expect from us and what to do if they need urgent help or are worried. 

People leaving hospital

We have a new way of working with the NHS to make sure that people who need care and support can leave hospital quickly. Once someone is home, we will work out with them the best way to give ongoing care and support. For someone who cannot go home, this may mean being supported in a temporary placement.

Vulnerable Person Response

Adult Social Care has a new responsibility to support people in the community who are vulnerable because of Co-vid 19. This includes people who are shielded because of their age or health, people who are self-isolating and people who need more help to manage social distancing rules. The key duties we will be supporting in Adult Social Care are:

  • ensuring access to meals
  • provision of medical supplies
  • emergency housing and hardship issues
  • supporting end of life care.

We are now in the process of reshaping our services to manage this crisis and support people.

We will support people by phone, by email or by helping them to access online information. We will use other technology too, such as video calls and technology enabled care. We will only arrange to meet people face to face where there is no other way to ensure that the person can be supported – this is to protect them and our staff.

When you contact us, if we are not able to address your enquiry immediately, we will be honest with you about when you will hear from us. If your need is not urgent, it will take longer for us to get back to you and we are sorry if this causes you worry or concern.

Contacting the Adult Social Care Department

If you need to contact the Council about an adult social care issue you should continue to do so. You can:

  • Send us an electronic message through our website
  • Ring us on 0300 500 80 80

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