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The Adult Social Care Local Account 2024 is our new Adult Social Care Strategy. Below is an archived version of this page.

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The Council continues to follow the Government’s advice in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. We had to make some temporary but significant changes to the way we provide adult social care in Nottinghamshire. This was to make sure that we could support the most vulnerable people in our communities during the early stages of the pandemic. We are keeping these changes under review. Our key role continues to be to respond quickly to people who are most vulnerable.

We have three key priorities:

People who already have support from Adult Social Care

The emergency plans we put in place have helped us to make sure we continued to support people although some people have been receiving support in a different way.  We will continue to keep people’s support under review with them.

People leaving hospital

We continue to work closely with the NHS to make sure that people who need care and support can leave hospital quickly. Once someone is home, we will work out with them the best way to give ongoing care and support. For someone who cannot go home, this may mean being supported in a temporary placement.

Vulnerable Person Response

Adult Social Care has a responsibility to support people in the community who are vulnerable because of Covid 19. This includes people who may have had to be shielded because of their age or health, people who are self-isolating and people who need more help to manage social distancing rules. The key duties we are supporting in Adult Social Care are:

  • ensuring access to meals
  • provision of medical supplies
  • emergency housing and hardship issues
  • supporting end of life care.

In addition to this, we are also focused on ensuring that:

  • we have robust local outbreak control plans, which enable us and our partners to respond to local outbreaks and support communities to return to life, as normal as possible, in a way that is safe and protects our health and care services;
  • our adult social care services respond and reshape to the new requirements during this period and people are supported with flexible services;
  • and ensuring our care market is as sustainable and resilient as possible during this period and is supported to have good infection control measures in place for people receiving care and support, and care workers in these services.

We continue to support people by phone, by email or by helping them to access online information where this is possible. We will use other technology too, such as video calls and technology enabled care. Where we agree with a person that the best way to support them is to arrange to meet face to face, we will make sure we consider how to keep the person and our staff safe.

Contacting the Adult Social Care Department

If you need to contact the Council about an adult social care issue you can:

If you are staying at home because of Coronavirus and don’t have the support of family and neighbours, there are local volunteer groups and services who can help you with access to food deliveries and medicine; dog walking and befriending, amongst other things.  To find what services are being offered in your area please view the Nottinghamshire's Coronavirus Community Support Hub page.

If you would like to see the latest guidance and information around the Coronavirus outbreak, please look at the Council’s Coronavirus pages.  You can also view the latest Government guidance by clicking on the image below.

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