Recycling centres during Covid-19: frequently asked questions

Are all of the recycling centres in Notts open?

Yes, all recycling centres in Nottinghamshire are open.

Please ensure your visit is essential before attending and whether you can consider storing the waste until national restrictions have been eased. The government has said that people must stay at home except for essential journeys so please take this into account before arranging a visit to any of the County’s recycling centres.

All sites will be continuing to operate strict social distancing measures and delays are likely. Please note, if you are attending to visit the West Bridgford site you will need to book an appointment in advance.

Don’t forget that you need to be a resident of Nottinghamshire (excluding Nottingham City) and have registered your vehicle to use the Nottinghamshire recycling centres – it’s quick and easy to register.

What will happen when I visit a recycling centre?

Please be aware that due to the social distancing rules on site there is likely to be significant delays when visiting the sites.
On approach, there may be a member of staff to help manage the traffic, and another controlling the gate to the site.
They will advise you when to enter the site and, provided social distancing is possible, guide you where to go onsite.

You must follow their instructions at all times as they are there to ensure you and everyone else is kept safe.

Please pay attention to container labels and only put your waste in the correct container.

Please do not use containers that have a barrier to the gantry.

Continue to follow social distancing guidelines and maintain a two-metre distance between yourself, staff and any other members of the public on site at the same time.

What times are the sites open?

All sites are open 8am to 4pm, 7 days a week for essential waste disposal.

Sites may still have to close temporarily during the course of their opening to allow for cleaning, or for the changing of containers.

The site may be operating under minimal staffing levels and so to ensure the safety of the site and its users, may also need to close to give staff opportunities to rest. Our operatives are working hard to keep the site running.

If you are visiting the recycling centre towards the end of the day, please allow yourself plenty of time to ensure you are allowed in to the site. All vehicles need to have entered the site, unloaded their waste and left the site by closing time at 4pm.

What social distancing measures will be in place on the sites?

The sites will have demarcation zones around container bays or ramps to restrict access to one person at a time giving consideration to the 2-metre social distancing.

The sites will also be operating on a ‘one in one out’ basis.

What other health and safety measures will be in place at the sites?

All site staff will be wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which may include face masks. Remember they will be on site all day so need to be protected from a much higher level of risk than someone making a quick one-off visit.

Cleaning on sites will take place, with hand rails up to containers being disinfected approximately every 30 minutes.

I need help with my waste – can I get assistance from a member of staff?

No. Due to social distancing rules, staff will not be able to assist with disposing of waste items at this time.

You can take one additional adult who lives in your household with you if you have a large item to unload from your vehicle such as a fridge or washing machine or are disabled and need assistance, however only one person will be allowed on the gantry at a time.

Otherwise contact your district or borough council bulky waste collection service or employ a registered waste carrier. 

I don’t have a vehicle; can I access the sites on foot?

Unfortunately, to maintain the safety of site users and staff sites will not be accessible by foot at this time.

Why am I queuing to use the site?

In order to meet the requirements of social distancing it is necessary to restrict the number of service users on the recycling centre to a level where the two-metre social distancing can be maintained.

The sites will be operating under a one in one out system. Therefore, it is expected that there will be significant delays. Please be patient and remain in your car whilst queuing. We appreciate it might be frustrating but be assured staff are working hard in difficult conditions to get you through as quickly and safely as they can.

There will be uniformed staff at the gates to manage traffic on the sites. Please listen and follow their instructions. They are there to help you and make sure you stay safe and can complete your trip in as quick a time as possible.

Can I collect paint from the Recycling Centres?

Whilst these social distancing restrictions are in place there will be no appointments available to collect paint from the Recycling Centres at this time.

Will all containers be open?

Not all containers/bays will be open. Some will be for mixed wastes to ease the volume of waste being deposited.

Can I take a family member to help me unload my waste?

Yes, you can take one additional adult who lives in your household with you if you have a large item to unload from your vehicle such as a fridge or washing machine or are disabled and need assistance, however only one person will be allowed on the gantry at a time.

My waste is normally recycled but has gone into a mixed / general waste bin.  Will it go to landfill?

We have combined some containers to ensure social distancing rules are met, and this will mean that some waste that is normally sent for recycling will go to landfill/energy from waste. This is another reason why we must ask you to ensure you only visit the site if absolutely necessary.

I / my household have been self-isolating - can I take my waste to the recycling centre?

No - Self-isolating households should follow Government advice and store tissues and disposable cleaning cloths double-bagged, tied securely and separate from other waste for 72 hours before putting with general waste. Don’t take this to the recycling centres - place it in your general waste bin at home.

How can I prepare for my visit to the recycling centre?

Only bring what you can safely handle as site staff will not be able to assist you as they normally would.

Please sort your waste into the various waste types before you attend the site. This will ensure your visit can be as swift and efficient as possible.

Remember, if you’re intending to visit the West Bridgford site you will need to make a booking prior to your visit.

Stay safe – wear protective gloves, appropriate footwear and clothing. Face coverings aren’t compulsory given that the facilities are outdoor, but please remember to maintain your 2 metre social distance at all times.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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