Highway policy and strategy documents

These documents outline our current standards, specifications and policy statements.

Highway Network Management Plan

This document brings together all of the current policies and standards into one document. It is being reviewed in 2023 and an updated version will appear here once it has been approved. The document below remains current until then.

Highway Network Management Plan.

Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (HIAMP)

This document sets out the asset management strategy and plan for Nottinghamshire, promoting best practice and the implementation of asset management principles in all highway maintenance activities. It is also a key requirement for securing future highway maintenance funding.

Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan.

Highway Inspection and Risk Manual

Outlines how we keep our highway network safe for users, through a planned risk-based Inspection regime. It contains guidance on inspection frequency, investigatory levels for defects and associated response times for actionable repairs through a system of risk assessment.

Highway Inspection and Risk Manual.

Highway Design Guide

Sets out the general principles and minimum standards for the layout and dimensions of roads and paved areas, in both residential and industrial developments.

Highway Design Guide.

Highway Infrastructure Maintenance Plan

The Highway Infrastructure Maintenance Plan outlines Nottinghamshire's approach to the adoption of risk-based principles in accordance with the national guidance contained in Well-Managed Highway Infrastructure - A Code of Practice. It acts as a reference between the Code of Practice itself and the County Council's existing highway documentation.

Highway Infrastructure Maintenance Plan [PDF].

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