Highway design guide

Sets out the general principles and minimum standards for the layout and dimensions of roads and paved areas in residential and industrial developments.

NCC Standard drawings.

NCC Specification


Deals with highways and transportation infrastructure for new developments in areas for which we are the Highway Authority and for which the Planning Authorities are:

  • Ashfield District Council
  • Bassetlaw District Council
  • Broxtowe Borough Council
  • Gedling Borough Council
  • Mansfield District Council
  • Newark and Sherwood District Council
  • Rushcliffe Borough Council.

It should not be seen as a rigid solution to all road layouts. The aim is to provide a broad framework within which a high standard of road safety and environmental quality can take place, to the benefit of all members of the community.

In some circumstances, where it is would enhance the character of existing development, variation may be allowed provided that it is consistent with the general aims of the document.

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