Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (HIAMP)

This document sets out the asset management strategy and plan for Nottinghamshire, promoting best practice and the implementation of asset management principles in all highway maintenance activities. It is also a key requirement for securing future highway maintenance funding.


In May 2013 the UK Roads Liaison Group produced the Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Guidance Document. This set out 14 recommendations that all local Highway Authorities should employ to demonstrate that they are following Asset Management principles in all aspects of Highway Maintenance Management. This guidance document identified the requirement for the production of a Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (HIAMP). This is intended to ensure the required principles are embedded in working practices.

Our HIAMP is set around the clear principles of Policy, Strategy and Plan. The HIAMP is informed by the local and national policies that shape the future direction of the County Council, via the strategies we will employ to meet these polices and what this means for specific assets and their corresponding performance data.

The document has been developed specifically for for Nottinghamshire. It is not generic template with our own figures inserted. In this way we have ensured that the development work we have done already in the adoption of asset management principles is recognised and helps outline the way forward in bridging the gap between current and desired practice.

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