Newark cycle network

To help reduce local congestion and to provide cyclists with safer, quicker and more connected routes within Newark, Via East Midlands working in partnership with the County Council has designed seven potential schemes for the town and would welcome your views on each of the proposals.

The scheme

The County Council was successful in securing funding to improve cycling infrastructure within Newark from the D2N2 Local Economic Partnership (LEP).

The Department for Transport aims to double cycle usage by 2025 throughout the country and it is hoped that the schemes can help meet these targets at a local level.

The package of works aim to:

  • make cycling to work a viable choice for a significant proportion of local residents
  • greatly improve the cycle infrastructure network by addressing gaps in the network which are a major barrier to accessing large employment and housing sites
  • create safe, direct, convenient, attractive and continuous cycle routes.

The proposals will also deliver other key benefits such as:

  • positive public health (more people exercising)
  • environmental – emissions and air quality reduced
  • reduce traffic congestion – modal shift to cycling.

Construction works would be undertaken by Via East Midlands.

There are a total of seven proposals, and this consultation stage will help determine which routes are constructed.

The proposed new routes are at:

  • Mill Gate
  • Hawton Road
  • Grange Road and Hawton Lane
  • Windsor Road
  • Bowbridge Road
  • Brunel Drive
  • Lincoln Road.

The total budget for the scheme is £860,000 so unfortunately some schemes will not be progressed.

View the PDF plans:

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