Improvements to roads in your area

Our highways teams are out and about every day repairing potholes, improving the quality of roads, and keeping Nottinghamshire’s 2,600 miles of highway network safe.

Large scale patch repairs

You can view all our large scale patching works including photographs at our new map which also totals the area of roads covered. There are also links to send us feedback on the work:

Programmed works

You can view all programmed improvement works and track their progress using our online map:

Simply enter your postcode to find out what works are planned this year near you.

How have the roads been chosen?

The roads have been selected following feedback from residents, and councillors, and through Via's routine inspection programme. They have then been closely assessed by Via's highways team. These roads are likely to deteriorate further in the next few years, so it makes good sense to invest in them now to avoid larger repair bills in years to come.

How can I put my road forward for consideration?

As our decisions are based on the condition of the road surface over time, the best way residents can help is by reporting any potholes or other problems that occur.

Some roads in the county get a full inspection on an annual basis and as such, your feedback helps to keep the our highways safe for all road users.

How can I report a pothole?

The quickest way to report a pothole is online. You can be kept updated on progress of the repair, simply by including your email address.

Alternatively, you can report a pothole by phone on 0300 500 80 80.

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