A614/A6097 progress


An initial round of consultation was held by Nottinghamshire County Council and Via East Midlands in July and August 2019. This was followed by further virtual consultation events in November 2020 and May 2021 to gain feedback on design changes at Lowdham and Mickledale Lane junctions as well as introduce a new junction to the package: A6097/Kirk Hill signalised junction in East Bridgford. The final package of junction improvements includes the following:

Detailed design is underway and planning applications for the improvement package were submitted at the end of February 2022. 

What is happening with the improvements at the Deerdale Lane junction?

The improvement scheme at the A614 junction with Deerdale Lane has been omitted from the funding bid. Due to the complexity of removing the hidden dip on the A614 close to the Deerdale

Lane junction, as well as the costs of diverting underground utilities equipment, it was decided that the scheme could not be progressed.

The significant increase in costs and disadvantages associated with signalising the junction meant that there was also a risk that the A614/A6097 MRN project no longer demonstrated that it provided value for money to Central Government.

The Deerdale Lane junction improvement scheme was shown to produce a disbenefit worth £4.5 million over the 60-year economic appraisal period. By contrast, the Ollerton roundabout scheme is calculated to bring in £24.7m worth of economic benefits (time savings etc) over the same period.

The County Council will now look at a low-cost alternative solution for this location.

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