A614/A6097 Planning

Via is leading on the detailed planning applications for each junction. The planning application is being prepared with an overarching planning statement, which includes a strategic Transport Assessment, an Environmental Statement informed by a robust Environmental Impact Assessment which is informed by a Scoping Report and Methodology. The planning application will be for the package in its entirety to demonstrate cumulative impacts of each of the junction included in the Scheme.

Because the improvement scheme at Ollerton is in close proximity to a SSSI (Site of Specific Scientific Interest), a decision was made to undertake a voluntary Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and submit an Environmental Statement. Therefore, the planning process in this case, starts with the submission of a Scoping Methodology Report, which outlines the approach that the EIA will take.

The Scoping Report will be consulted upon; a number of statutory consultees will be contacted to understand their thoughts on the proposed EIA approach.

The Scoping Report for the A614/A6097 MRN was submitted to the Local Planning Authority (NCC) on 7 June 2021. There is a minimum of five weeks for this exercise to be completed and fed back on.

The next step in the process is the submission of the main planning application. The application is due to be submitted in Winter 2021 to the Local Planning Authority. Via EM will be acting as agent on behalf of the Nottinghamhsire County Council Transport Planning team as applicant. The planning application will incorporate a strategic, overarching Environmental Statement, informed by the Environmental Impact Assessment. This will be supported by a Strategic Transport Assessment, to stress the interdependency of the junctions, and how the junction improvement schemes work together as a package. Nottinghamshire County Council will be both the applicant and determining planning authority.

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