Concessionary travel passes

A concessionary travel pass allows you to enjoy free off-peak travel on local buses anywhere in England:

  • Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 11pm
  • weekends and public holidays: all day

REPLACE lost, damaged or stolen travel pass

If your travel pass has been lost, damaged or stolen we can replace it for you.


If you your pass has been lost or damaged a replacement will cost £10.

If you have had your bus pass stolen and have a crime number a replacement will be issued for free.

You can obtain a crime number from the police by contacting 101. If you do not have a valid crime number, the usual £10 fee will still apply. Please note that we do not accept incident numbers.

Get a replacement


You can request a replacement pass by calling our customer service centre. You can pay the £10 fee over the phone (not applicable for stolen passes with a valid crime number) and a new pass will be issued to you.


You will need to complete and return the application form for a replacement pass [PDF].

If you are unable to print out a form, copies can also be picked up from:

Send completed forms to:

Transport and Travel Services
PO Box 1889

Please enclose a £10 cheque/postal order made payable to "Nottinghamshire County Council". Do not send cash.

Your replacement bus pass will be issued within 7 working days of us receiving your form and payment.

We will not refund you for any tickets you have to buy while you are waiting for your replacement pass.

Faulty bus passes

If your pass is not scanning on a bus, or buses, you can have it tested before paying for a replacement.

You can have your pass tested in the following ways:

  • take your pass to one of our customer service points. They will check your pass is not damaged and electronically test the chip
  • complete a replacement application form (available below) and send it to us with your pass. We will test the pass and contact you with the outcome.

If there is no physical damage to your pass and the chip is not faulty the problem is probably with the reader on the bus, not your pass. This means your pass is working and does not need replacing.

We will need some details from you about the bus(es) on which you have had problems. This will allow us to investigate with the bus operator(s).

If there is no physical damage to your pass but the chip is faulty we will post a replacement pass to you free of charge

If your pass has been physically damaged and this has affected the chip you will need to pay £10 for a replacement pass. We will post the replacement to you.

More information

For further information or help filling out the form, contact out Customer Service Centre on 0300 500 80 80.

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