Special access schemes

Special access schemes are for people who have particular mobility difficulties. It allows them to drive and park their vehicles in certain pedestrian areas in Nottinghamshire.

Using a special access permit

A special access permit is valid for all special access schemes in Nottinghamshire.

View a list of all special access schemes in Nottinghamshire.

You must clearly display the permit on the nearside window (the window nearest the kerb) whenever you are in the pedestrian area. This includes when you first enter. You should remove it at all other times.

On the back of each permit is a photograph of the holder. You must show this if asked by a Traffic Warden, Police Officer or Civil Enforcement Officer.

If you have a special access permit, you can park in the pedestrian area for a maximum of three hours. 

In pedestrian zone

When in a pedestrian zone:

  • pedestrians have right of way
  • only park in the pedestrian area if absolutely necessary
  • permit holders may park for a maximum of three hours
  • never park where it would cause an obstruction or danger to pedestrians
  • drive slowly
  • watch out - especially for children.   

Misuse of the permit

The following would all be instances of misuse of the permit:

  • allowing other people to use the permit
  • remaining in the vehicle parked in a pedestrian zone, while your driver or other passenger is, for example, shopping
  • using a permit which has expired.

The permit is provided free of charge and can be withdrawn by us at any time.

Blue badge scheme

Parking benefits provided by the blue badge scheme are not affected by this scheme. A special access permit cannot be used in place of a blue badge or vice versa.

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