Grit bins

Yellow grit bins

Yellow grit bins are provided and maintained by us where:

  • a junction hazard is present
  • the alignment and gradients of the road contribute to hazardous conditions in severe winter weather
  • there is very high pedestrian movement, especially near local centres or the site is used regularly by the elderly, very young, or mobility impaired.

It costs around £70 to refill each grit bin. They are refilled throughout the gritting season. When conditions are particularly icy, it can be difficult for the maintenance vehicles to get to some grit bin locations. We may have to wait until the ice melts before those bins can be refilled.

The sand/salt mix is supplied for residents to use on roads and footpaths. It is not for the use of residents to treat their own private drives.

You can report an empty grit bin online. Please note it may take up to seven days to refill grit bins and this will be weather dependent.

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