How we manage winter impact on the roads

Every year we see potholes and damage to our roads and pavements as winter arrives. This is not something that is unique to Nottinghamshire and is experienced throughout the UK and beyond.

During this period the number of highway defects reported by residents and repairs identified by highway inspectors increases, although these may vary considerably from year to year depending on the severity of the weather conditions we experience.

All types of severe weather have a negative impact on the condition of our roads and pavements, causing and accelerating damage to road surfaces. This is even more common during the winter months when a combination of dampness and very cold temperatures can cause water that has to seeped into road surfaces to freeze and expand, causing damage.

While a winter may not appear particularly harsh, it is important to remember that the frequency of temperatures dropping below freezing may have a greater impact than prolonged freezing spells.

The freeze/thaw effect of gritting freezing conditions can take their toll on roads. Potholes can be caused by water seeping into pavement and asphalt cracks.

This water expands inside of the pavement/asphalt when frozen, creating a weak area. As vehicles drive over this weakened area and further freeze/thaw cycles extend the damage, a pothole begins to form.

Our approach to winter roads damage

To minimise the impacts of severe winter weather on our network, we deliver a combination of preventative, restorative and reactive works.

Images of a digger, roadworks blockade and a workman with text "Preventative, restorative, and reactive works"
Preventative, restorative, and reactive works
Large-scale treatments to reconstruct a road    
Treatments to maintain and prolong the life of a road
Repairs to make safe damaged areas of road
Full resurfacing Large-scale mechanised patching Small-scale patch repairs
Structural Patching Surface Dressing Safety repairs
  Spray Injection Patching  

Highways improvements

The county council undertakes planned works throughout the year to maintain and improve the quality of the surface on the highway network. This stops water entering into the structures of our roads and pavements.

We are also prioritising repairs of high-use roads in the county, which residents and road users travel along on a daily basis. See road surface improvements in your area at:

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