Enjoy free exercise in the fresh air by exploring Nottinghamshire on foot.

Where to walk in Nottinghamshire

group walk in countryside

There are acres of green spaces for walking in the county including:

Find a walk: search routes across the county 

Routes and Rides


Our Routes and Rides [PDF] brochure includes eight routes that offer a great introduction to walking, cycling or horse riding in Nottinghamshire.

Guided walks

Walking with dogs

You are welcome to take your dog on any right of way route but they must be on a lead or under close control. It is an offence to allow a dog to run free in a field where there are sheep. A farmer has the right to shoot a dog that is attacking or chasing livestock. You must clean up after your dog or you may be liable for a fine.

Rights of way (public paths)

You can walk on all public rights of way. Some are also open to horse riders, cyclists or motorists.

Anyone can apply to change a right of way.

Find out about the different types of right of way.

Report a problem

If you've encountered a problem while out cycling, please report it to us: 

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