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Wollaton Park

Break Free with Greenwood Forest

 Route type

 walk (circular)


 4 miles

 Surface and gradients

 Surfaced paths only and moderate gradients

 Parking nearby


 On bus routes

 yes - plan a journey

 Starting point

 See map attached

 OS map number

 Explorer 260


Located to the west of the City Centre, Wollaton Park is an easily accessed green space. Walk graded by surface and gradient for people who may have difficulty getting into the countryside.

Things to look out for at Wollaton:

The Sensory Garden within the Hall Gardens is the result of Greenwood a partnership between Nottingham City Council and the Boots Company. Specifically designed for people with visual impairments, although everyone can enjoy the peace, beauty and tranquillity it has to offer.

Formal gardens and historic parkland with deer roaming through grounds.

The Courtyard stables house a museum, café and toilets, which are wheelchair accessible.

What kind of paths will I find?

Each walk card (download PDF) has a letter and number (for example A3) in the top right hand corner. It describes the surface and slope of the easiest part of the site in dry weather in Pack 1 and the most difficult part of the route in dry weather in Pack 2. 

Surface (in dry weather):

A = Smooth (tarmac, paving, concrete etc.)
B = Quite smooth (short grass, compacted earth, compacted stone etc)
C = Uneven (worn grass, loose stone, some ruts and tree roots, etc.)
D = Rough (long grass, soft earth, sand or gravel, severe ruts and tree roots, etc) 


1 = Gentle (up to 1:20)
2 = Quite gentle (up to 1:16)
3 = Fairly steep (up to 1:12)
4 = Steep (up to 1:8)
5 = Very steep (over 1:8)

On the map you will also find explorer routes, these go beyond the main routes and are for you to discover. The date on each map shows when the information about each walk was collected.

About Greenwood Community Forest

Greenwood is Nottinghamshire's Community Forest, and with a working partnership is transforming the local landscape to make it a greener and healthier place to be - on the doorsteps of over a million people living in and around the towns of Nottinghamshire.

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