Pre-application advice

The County Council deals with planning applications for minerals and waste development and also for the County Council’s own development such as schools and libraries.

To find out if you need planning permission for housing, commercial or industrial development contact the district council for where the property is located. 

Pre-application advice 

We encourage you to discuss your application with us before making a submission as this usually results in the submission of high quality applications which progress through the planning process more smoothly, leading to quicker decisions and therefore saving you time and money. Pre-application advice can also help identify any significant constraints and whether/how these can be resolved. 

We offer formal pre-application advice which is usually subject to a fee. However, for this fee, you can expect the following benefits from the County Council:

  • confirmation of the information that you will need to submit with your application, such as the correct application forms, site location and other technical plans, ecological surveys or transport assessments,
  • confirmation as to whether any pre-application consultation with other parties needs to be undertaken,
  • an understanding of the planning policies which are relevant to your proposals,
  • an understanding of whether a Planning Obligation is likely to be required so that your application can include proposed Heads of Terms.
  • informal advice about whether your proposals need amending before submission.

Pre-application advice form [PDF]

Important COVID-19 Information: Please note that all office based meetings relating to pre-application advice (or Planning Performance Agreements) have been suspended as officers are all working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. However, these services can still be provided by holding virtual meetings (either over the phone or by using Microsoft Teams).  Arrangements for any such meeting can be made upon receipt of your Pre-Application Advice Request Form or following an enquiry regarding our Planning Performance Agreement service.

Planning Performance Agreements 

The County Council also offers opportunities for applicants to enter into Planning Performance Agreements, a project management tool most suited to major and complex applications which allows all parties to agree timescales, actions and resources for handling planning applications.  For more information, please see our Planning Performance Agreement page.

Permitted Development

Some minor works are known as 'permitted development' and do not require planning applications to be made. Please contact us if you think the work you are proposing may fall into this category.

Pre-application charging 

Nottinghamshire County Council charges for the pre-application service it provides. The fee for this service depends on the scale of the development and is set out in the link below. Some advice like confirmation as to whether planning permission is required will continue to be provided free of charge. 

To make a payment for pre-application advice please visit our 'Pay a Planning Fee' page.

Information required 

If you decide to use our pre-application advice service you will need to complete the pre-application advice request form and provide the following information:

  • a location plan identifying the site and means of access (1:1250 or 1:2500) 
  • details of site ownership, what is considered lawful use of the land/buildings and site topography (with photos where relevant)
  • a full description of the proposal including a schedule of proposed use which should also include drawings or illustrative materials 
  • for minerals and waste proposals, information about the rates of mineral extraction or waste inputs per annum and proposed timescales should be included 
  • any additional information to help demonstrate the impact of the proposal on the surrounding area 

Our response 

Our response to your pre-application submission will include: 

  • a summary of the planning policies or guidance relevant to your proposal 
  • details of the site's planning history
  • details of any consultation undertaken and responses from those parties 
  • requirement for a formal planning application, including potential legal agreements and environmental and supporting statements 
  • advice on which other bodies should be contacted and community engagement suggestions 
  • any other information deemed relevant. 

Response time

Responses relating to significant and major planning applications will be provided by letter or email within 20 working days of receiving all relevant information. 

Responses to requests for pre-application advice on minor proposals and any other development will be made within 15 working days. 

Please note: where specialist advice is needed the time frame for a response will be agreed between us and the prospective applicant/s. 


Any advice in relation to pre-application enquiries is given by officers in good faith, without prejudice to the formal consideration of any subsequent planning application which will be subject to wider consultation and publicity and ultimately determined by the County Council.

The County Council will not be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from or in connection with the use of the advice.

The pre-application advice given may not necessarily be exhaustive but is intended to highlight the main issues that need to be considered as part of any subsequent planning application. Should the detail or the nature of the proposal change from those given, further advice should be sought prior to the submission of an application.

Freedom of Information (FOI) 

We do not routinely publicise the details of pre-application discussions, disclosure of information regarding enquiries for pre-application advice may be requested by a third party. Subject to certain exemptions, such as commercially sensitive and confidential information, we are obliged to provide this information. It is therefore important that you bring to the Council’s attention any information which you consider may, if disclosed, prejudice your commercial interests or would breach confidentiality.

You should set out in writing the reasons why, and for what period, this information needs to remain confidential. It is then for the Council to decide whether it believes the information falls into these exempt categories if a Freedom of Information request is subsequently received. 

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