What to do in an emergency

In an emergency:

  • call 999 if people are injured or if there is a threat to life
  • don't put yourself, or others, in danger
  • follow advice given by the emergency services
  • remain calm, and try to help others if you are able and it is safe to do so.

Go in, stay in, tune in

If you are not involved in an emergency but are close by, or believe you may be in danger, in most cases:

  • 'Go in' to your home, or other building, if it is safe to do so
  • 'Stay inside' until the emergency is over or you are instructed by the emergency services
  • 'Tune in' to a local radio station or TV news station to hear the latest information about the emergency. During some emergencies, it may not be safe to 'go in' to a building, for example is there is a fire. Always follow the advice given by the emergency services.

Local radio stations

Keep a battery-powered or wind up radio in your emergency kit and tune in to local stations during disruption or emergencies:

  • BBC Radio Nottingham - 103.8 and 95.5 FM
  • Capital FM - 96.2-96.5 FM
  • Lincs FM (Newark area only) - 102.2 FM
  • Trax FM (Bassetlaw area only) - 107.9 FM

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