School closures and front line worker information

Last updated on 26 January 11:32

Emergency school closures as a result of bad weather

All schools have their own arrangements to contact parents and carers should there be a need to close the school at short notice, for example, in the event of severe weather. The decision to close a school is taken by the head teacher after considering a number of factors including the health and safety of staff and pupils, staff availability and road conditions near the school.

If a school is closed, this information should be available on the school’s website. We advise you to check with your child's school during periods of extreme weather to find out if it has been affected.

  • For information about any school closures, please visit the school's own website: find a school

National Lockdown

At 8pm on 4 January 2021, the government announced that schools will remain open for vulnerable children and children of critical workers, but that all other children will learn remotely until February half term. This applies to primary and secondary schools, as well as colleges.

In the circumstances, it is not thought that it will be possible for exams in the summer to go ahead as planned. The government will be working with Ofqual to consult rapidly to put in place alternative arrangements that will allow students to progress fairly.

Public exams and vocational assessments scheduled to take place in January are expected to go ahead as planned.

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