School emergencies

National resources for schools

Nottinghamshire County Council achieved 'Beacon status' for emergency planning in 2007-2008. The support provided to schools was a major contributory factor in achieving this status.

From 2009-2011, Nottinghamshire County Council worked with other local authorities on the ‘Developing community resilience through schools’ project, with the aim of creating emergency planning resources for schools that could be used nationally.

These were launched in March 2011 and have been designed to help schools:

  • develop and review an emergency plan
  • provide training to staff who could become involved in an incident
  • organise emergency planning exercises.


A zip file containing a template school emergency plan, accompanying guidance and other supporting resources is available to download:

Electronic storybooks, games and puzzles which can be used in the classroom to complement lessons on emergency planning are available from Essex County Council.

Resources for Nottinghamshire schools

A specific template emergency plan has been developed for schools in Nottinghamshire.

  • Nottinghamshire Schools Portal (note: login to the Nottinghamshire Schools Portal - only available to schools/academies - is needed to see this link)

Contact us

If you have any queries about the resources above, please contact a member of the emergency planning team.

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