Nottinghamshire Schools Portal

Information and resources for schools

Welcome to Nottinghamshire County Council’s Schools Portal, which contains a wealth of online information and resources offering support to schools across Nottinghamshire.

The portal includes a virtual mailbox, latest news and information from our services for schools such as swimming, health and safety, payroll and more.

Each school or academy has one account per school. Contact your office team in the first instance for your log-in details. Your school's account may lock out after five unsuccessful password attempts.

If you are unable to log in or are a new school or academy that would like access to the portal, please choose from the options below.

Schools Portal

Interactive Order System (IOS)

If you are school or academy and having issues logging into the IOS, the contract management system for paid services for schools, please choose from the options below. 

For questions or if you have problems using these forms, please email us at


NOTE FOR GOVERNORS: For your log-in information, please contact your school office staff who will be able to supply this.