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School Catering

We know the importance school meals play in children’s lives, helping them to maintain their concentration and energy levels throughout the day. As an award winning service we support this aim by providing popular and healthy meals, made from quality ingredients. 

With local sourcing at the heart of what we do, we're able to make the most of seasonal produce and create comforting and tasty meals when ingredients are at their best.

Our ingredients are taken from across Nottinghamshire and neighbouring counties to create our hugely popular school meals. These include:

  • Meat from Mike Maloney's in Tuxford, where their produce comes from animals that are born and reared outdoors such as beef from Holme Farm in Rampton and pork from East Drayton and Hockerwood Farm in Upton
  • Wild venison from Sherwood Forest
  • Organic milk and yoghurts from Acorn Dairy
  • Seasonal vegetables distributed by our supplier and grown locally where possible such as carrots from Bilsthorpe and onions from Retford

Our meals have proven to be extremely popular among pupils of all ages, with over 70% recently saying they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the value for money, taste, quality and the variety of food on our menus.

See what Ruby, Rylee and Francesca think of our meals: 

We are also able to offer support and advice on promoting school meals through printed marketing materials, taster sessions, theme day ideas, recipe testing events and support for parents' evenings.

To find out more and buy this service, please visit the online portal provided, using your personal log-in details. We are also able to provide an advisory service and training for catering services outside of our primary contract, which can be tailored to the needs of your school. Please contact us using the details provided for more information.

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