Apprenticeship levy

The apprenticeship levy is already giving employers like Nottinghamshire County Council the opportunity to invest in high quality training, helping to get the skilled workforce needed to thrive, succeed and grow our business. The Council is now able to work with other employers, supporting them to take on new apprentices and to develop existing employees.

As a large levy paying employer with an ambitious apprenticeship strategy that underpins the aims in our Council Plan, up to 25% of the Council’s apprenticeship levy funds can now be transferred to other employers, helping to boost the number of high quality apprenticeships across the County and developing skills and knowledge of our residents

More detailed guidance can be found on transferring unused apprenticeship funds to other employers.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a genuine job with an accompanying programme of skills development that is delivered by a training provider.

Apprentices can gain the technical knowledge, practical experience and transferable skills they require for their current job and their future career.  The apprentice will gain this through a wide mix of learning opportunities in the workplace and with a commitment to 20% off the job training.

Apprentices must be over 16 but there is no upper age limit.

What are the strategic aims?

To gain maximum benefit from the levy, bids will be prioritised using the following criteria:

  • Priority 1: Creating an apprenticeship for a Looked after Young Person/Care Leaver
  • Priority 2: Creating an Apprenticeship for disadvantaged groups and communities e.g. NEET, BME, those with disabilities, long term unemployed
  • Priority 3: Creation of an apprenticeship that addresses a skills shortage in Nottinghamshire e.g. Health& Social Care; Digital
  • Priority 4: Creation of a Higher-Level Apprenticeship

Please note full Government funding is available to small businesses employing less than 50 people who want to offer an apprenticeship to a 16-18-year-old or a 19 to 24-year-old who is a care leaver or has an Education Health and Care (EHC) Plan. View the specific section of rules.

Who can receive transferred funds?

The Council can transfer funds to employers for new apprenticeship starts, particularly where the funds will create an apprenticeship that would not have been created without the transfer. This can include new apprentices or existing employees undertaking an apprenticeship.

The Council is not able to transfer funds for apprenticeships that have already started.

To apply for a transfer of levy, you must show that you are actively supporting the aims and vision of the Council Plan, meet the eligibility criteria in the apprenticeship funding rules.

To ensure that every pound spent in Nottinghamshire is delivering better outcomes for our residents, communities and businesses, a transfer from the levy will only be approved for either a resident of Nottinghamshire undertaking an apprenticeship or an apprentice working in a Nottinghamshire Business.

You will need to register your organisation onto the Apprenticeship Service and if your application is successful, funds will be transferred monthly into this account for the duration of the apprenticeship.

Nottinghamshire County Council is working in partnership with Futures for Business to support businesses who prefer to use the Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) model for recruiting and employing an apprentice. Further information on the ATA model can be found In the apprenticeship funding rules for employers. You can get in touch with Futures via their website or call 0345 850 8899.

Advice and guidance on apprenticeships and what is available for small and medium sized employers is available through the Growth Hub. A business advisor from the growth hub will work with you to identify whether an apprenticeship is the best route for your organisation. You can discuss options with an advisor here. You can get in touch with D2N2 via their website or call 0333 006 9178.

Apply for apprenticeship levy funds

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