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Full Council
20 Jan 2022 - 10:30

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ALTERED Motion One - from 25th November 2021 meeting


This Council recognises the evidence base that exists demonstrating the significant health and safety benefits to the public from a reduction in vehicle speed to 20MPH.


This Council resolves therefore to task the Transport and Environment Committee with exploring the feasibility of implementing a 20MPH speed limit on residential roads and any other new measures that could help improve road safety in all its residential conurbations.


Councillor Penny Gowland     Councillor Neil Clarke MBE


Motion Two - from 25th November 2021 meeting


This Council recognises the immediacy of the challenge of poor nutrition and the need to encourage healthly eating in Nottinghamshire and beyond. Without radical change, we risk failing to achieve our statutory goals of improving the health & wellbeing of our residents, supporting the NHS, and tackling longstanding inequalities in our communities.


This Council therefore wishes to see nutrition developed as a key part of our 2022-2026 Health & Wellbeing Strategy, and asks Health & Wellbeing Board to consider in detail with partners how best to include this element appropriately, including plans for how officers can actively engage with residents on this key issue.


This Council will further set out to make Nottinghamshire a "Healthly Food Sustainable Shire" and ensure that these principles are considered and reflected appropriately in the development of the forthcoming Council Plan, overseen by the Deputy Leader, with actions arising from it to ensure that our communities are empowered to make positive choices about their nutrition and health. 


Councillor Dr John Doddy     Councillor Bruce Laughton


Motion Three - from 21st November 2021 meeting


This Council notes that Nottinghamshire is served by 60 static libraries.


This Council notes that according to data released by the Communities Committee - there was 112, 087 physical visits to our 60 libraries between 1 April 2021 to 30 June 2021. This was only 19.49% of the physically footfall target set by Inspire, who run the library services on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council.


This Council believes that our Library Buildings are a valuable tool in terms of education and community cohesion.


Nottinghamshire County Council therefore commits to keep open all 60 library buildings in their current location until at least 2025.


Councillor Daniel Williamson   Councillor Elizabeth Williamson


Motion Four


This Council notes that residents across Nottinghamshire are going through an unprecendented cost of living crisis.


This Council further notes:

  • That families across Nottinghamshire face a loss of income of around £1,200 a year from April as a result of tax rises and soaring energy bills, food prices and fuel costs.
  • That thousands of residents will lose a minimum of £1040 a year due the Government scrapping Universal Credit / Working Tax credit uplift.
  • The rate of inflation rose to 5% in the winter of 2021 and it will reach about 6% by spring 2022.
  • That child poverty in Nottinghamshire is rising with 23,068 pupils - 20.4% of children now claiming free school meals.
  • That as a result of the decision to scrap the triple lock in the latest UK Budget, pensioners across Nottinghamshire will lose £520 this year alone, and a cumulative £2,600 over the next five years.


This Council believes it should do everything it can to mitigate the impact on the cost of living crisis for Nottinghamshire residents. This includes keeping any Council Tax rises to a minimum. When the adult care precept is taken into account - households could see a 4.99% Council Tax rise and does not include the precepts for the Nottinghamshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, District or Borough Councils or Parish Council.


A 4.99% increase will lead to a rise of £71.41 per year for the average 'Band D' Council Taxpayer which this Council believes may push residents over the edge. Many residents will face the stark choice of feeding their families, heating their homes or paying their Council Tax.


This Council therefore resolves consider the impact of the cost of living crisis when setting the Council Tax for 2022/23.


Councillor Jason Zadrozny   Councillor Steve Carr


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