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The County Council is elected every four years.  The dates of full council elections are shown below.

Elections for this area are displayed below. Click on the election name to view the contested division details.
Election NameDate of ElectionLinks
By-election Kirkby South04 May 2023
By-election Eastwood03 November 2022
By-election Collingham17 February 2022
County Council06 May 2021
County Council04 May 2017
By-election Bingham04 August 2016
By-election Selston26 November 2015
By-election Ollerton18 December 2014
County Council02 May 2013
By-election Rufford20 September 2012
By-election Chilwell and Toton15 March 2012
By-election Worksop West16 September 2010
By-election Mansfield South25 February 2010
By-election Newark East17 September 2009
County Council04 June 2009
By-election Sutton in Ashfield North22 March 2007
By-election Hucknall25 January 2007
By-election Mansfield East28 September 2006
County Council05 May 2005
By-election Chilwell27 June 2002
By-election Southwell21 March 2002
County Council07 June 2001
By-election Bingham31 August 2000
By-election Blidworth01 June 2000
By-election Wilford07 August 1997
County Council01 May 1997
By-election Worksop North and Carlton22 February 1996
By election Kirkby in Ashfield North19 October 1995
By-election Clifton East 04 May 1995
By-election Hucknall East 04 May 1995
By-election Stapleford North & West 16 March 1995
By-election Arnold Central 24 June 1993
County Council06 May 1993
By-election Hucknall East 02 May 1991
By-election Kimberley and Trowell17 January 1991
By-election Robin Hood25 October 1990
By-election Carlton West 19 October 1989
By-election Eastwood & Brinsley13 June 1989
County Council04 May 1989
By-election Pleasley Hill and Broomhill 18 July 1985
County Council02 May 1985
By-election West Bridgford 08 November 1984
By election Arnold South27 September 1984
By-election Sutton-in-Ashfield West 20 October 1983
By-election Caunton 29 September 1983
By-election Worksop West31 August 1983
By-election Blyth and Harworth28 October 1982
By-election Tuxford21 January 1982
County Council07 May 1981
County Council05 May 1977
By-election Balderton 29 July 1976
By-election Basford No.630 March 1976
By-election Southwell No.207 October 1975
By-election Nottingham No.612 June 1975
By-election Arnold South13 February 1975
By-election West Bridgford West 05 September 1974
By-election Nottingham No.114 March 1974
By-election Carlton No.114 March 1974
County Council12 April 1973

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