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Health and Wellbeing Board

26 May 2017 - onwards
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PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
Dr. John Doddy Chairman 27/05/2021 - current
Ashfield Independents
David Martin Member 27/05/2021 - current
Sheila Place Member 27/05/2021 - current
Tom Smith Member 27/05/2021 - current
Nigel Turner Member 27/05/2021 - current


Appointee NameAppointee RoleAppointee Membership Dates
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Dr Nicole Atkinson Member 05/05/2017 - current
District Councillor Lydia Ball Member 19/07/2017 - current
Dr Thilan Bartholomeuz Member 05/05/2017 - current
Mr Kevin Dennis Member 05/05/2017 - current
Mr Jonathan Gribbin Member 18/07/2018 - current
Mr Idris Griffiths Member 05/05/2017 - current
Dr Jeremy Griffiths Vice-Chairman 05/05/2017 - current
District Councillor Tom Hollis Member 18/07/2018 - current
Dr James Hopkinson Member 05/05/2017 - current
Ms Michelle Livingston Member 05/05/2017 - current


No Substitute information needs to be specified as the Substitution type is all. Any elected member may substitute.

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