Wendy and Greg's story

Foster caring helps to fill our empty nest again

Couple, Wendy and Greg, on sofa

Feeling like their home was empty after many years of children and grandchildren running around, Wendy and Greg made the first enquiry into fostering.

After their initial enquiry a member of the fostering team at Nottinghamshire County Council phoned Wendy and Greg for a brief chat, and sent them an information pack. This spurred the couple on and they decided they wanted to take their application further. The next step was a visit to their home from a supervising social worker which included a more in-depth interview about Wendy and Greg’s family life.

“It was very daunting at first” explained Wendy, “so much detail was required and I was worried that we may not be approved”. Wendy’s mind was soon put at ease when she realised the information she provided was necessary to help the Council ensure children are cared for safely. The details would also be used to help match children to the couple’s family and lifestyle. “You realise that it’s all for the children, it’s so important you go through this process so you’re prepared for them” said Wendy.

The visits from the supervising social worker took place every week, allowing the Council to gain information about the couple’s lives and giving them the chance to ask any questions.  

Wendy said “During the assessment we took part in four training sessions which were incredibly helpful and allowed us to meet others going through the same process.” 

The couple then attended a panel interview as part of the decision making process, where they were supported by their own supervising social worker. Soon after the interview Wendy and Greg were thrilled to find out they had been approved as foster carers and were contacted shortly afterwards about a placement.  

“It’s wonderful to open our home up to children who need it”, Wendy explained, “one of my nicest memories is of a little boy who was very reserved when he first arrived with us, sitting happily passing blocks to Greg who was building him a toy garage.”

The couple now care for children on a regular basis as support foster carers; this means they often have children for short, regular periods such as a few days in the week or short breaks in the holidays. They offer vital support for families when relationships become tense and they need time to recuperate.

Interested in foster care?

The Council is currently in real need of people who could offer foster care to young people aged 11 years and over or sibling groups of all ages.

To find out more about fostering visit nottinghamshire.gov.uk/fostering or contact the fostering recruitment team on 0845 301 8899 or email fostering@nottscc.gov.uk

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