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Mo leads the way to better access!

 Mo leads the way to better accessMo Tyler is a retired schoolteacher and also a volunteer at the South Scarle Community Centre, where Nottinghamshire’s very first Library Access Point (LAP) opened back in January 2015. LAPs are small collections of books, supported by the library service and made accessible by organisers in the local community.

Together with a band of willing volunteers, Mo played an important role in the opening of the access point, working tirelessly to get everything done. She even canvassed door-to-door to ask what everyone wanted.

The idea for LAPs came out of a meeting of Nottinghamshire’s Cultural Committee last May and was later brought to the attention of David Clarke, South Scarle’s Parish Council Chairman. 

With the help of the County Council’s library service, 300 books were loaned to them. Every four months up to half of the collection is refreshed and new books are delivered by the visiting mobile library. Between deliveries, volunteers can also exchange small numbers of books with their nearest local library at Collingham.

Florence Baldwin a resident of South Scarle said “It has become another opportunity to get together and the library has become very popular, new people are joining up every time it’s open”.

The access point is open twice a month but Mo said, “We will work out future opening times according to everyone’s needs. I want to give everyone the opportunity to be part of this”.

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