Street Parties

Jubilee bunting

The UK has a long history of holding street parties to celebrate significant national events. Why not hold your own and bring together your local community across the bank holiday weekend?

Organising a street party for neighbours is very simple and does not require a licence. Please make sure you follow the Jubilee street party guidelinesshare the details of your event, and tell us about your event, if it will effect a road or pavement.

  • Nottinghamshire County Council, in partnership with Via, will be charging no fees and will supply a set of signs for a ‘standard’ road closure free of charge.
  • While we’ll do all we can to support the events, it is not always possible to close a road where access requirements need to be maintained, although we’ll discuss alternatives.
  • As we’re expecting lots of communities to get involved, please apply at least one month before the event.

Tell us about an event


The Big Jubilee Lunch

Street parties can be organised as part of the Big Jubilee Lunch, a nationwide celebration of neighbours and communities. 

Whether you are planning on sharing a cup of tea with a neighbour, or organising a get together of the entire neighbourhood, you can use the free information pack below to get started

Big Jubilee Lunch information pack

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