Nottinghamshire Food Charter

The Nottinghamshire Food Charter aims to get healthy, wholesome, affordable and sustainable food on the menu for all people of Nottinghamshire.

Good food is essential for a healthy balanced diet, good nutrition and health and wellbeing. Food plays a vital role in creating healthy and happy communities whilst tackling health, economic and environmental issues. As well as supporting existing work taking place across Nottinghamshire, we will encourage more joined-up thinking across local businesses, universities, community organisations, councils and the NHS to improve our food system.

The Nottinghamshire Food Charter [PDF] describes the local vision for the county. The Food Charter is also available as an accessible Word document.

The focus is on three key themes:

  • enabling communities through food. For example, by encouraging people to grow food and share skills and knowledge
  • promoting and supporting a vibrant and diverse food economy
  • making food positive for the environment.

The vision and values in the Food Charter will form the basis for development of a county food plan to be delivered on behalf of the Health and Wellbeing Board.

We can all help make Nottinghamshire resilient and sustainable by working together and committing to the food charter.

Nottinghamshire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Improving the local food environment is important to Nottinghamshire. We have included healthy food in the healthy and sustainable places priority of Nottinghamshire’s Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2022-2026. Food plays a central part in enabling communities, building, and supporting a vibrant food economy and being kind to our environment. 

Nottinghamshire Best Start strategy

We recognise that good food is very important to the best start in life for all our children. Find out more about the Nottinghamshire Best Start Strategy.

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