Health checks

An NHS health check can help you spot any health risks before they become an issue. 

Health checks:

  • are aimed at people aged 40-74 years old
  • only take 20 minutes
  • assess your risks of developing heart disease, kidney disease, type-2 diabetes, stroke and dementia. 

If any problems are picked up you'll get plenty of advice and support, giving you the chance to make changes to the way you live to avoid future problems. 

To get a health check contact your GP.

For more information visit the NHS health check website

Heart health campaign

Public Health England has launched a campaign to encouraging adults to take three minutes out of their day to take the Heart Age Test. The Heart Age Test is the only known way of measuring our heart age, which shows how many years people can expect to live healthily without a heart attack or stroke. The campaign runs throughout September in partnership with cardiovascular charities British Heart Foundation, Stroke Association and Blood Pressure UK. For the first time, the test will direct users to their nearest blood pressure station if they do not know theirs. 

Find your local health services

NHS Choices has all the information you need to find services in your area. This includes:

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