What we do

Working with children and young people on Court Orders

If you are given an Order by the Court, Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service will work with you and the people that are important to you to complete an assessment and think about why the offence was committed, what triggered it or caused it looking at all the aspects of your life and current circumstances. We will work with you to develop a plan about the things that you think you need help with, to try and stop this happening again.


Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service use the AssetPlus assessment tool. AssetPlus has been designed to provide a full and detailed assessment allowing one record to follow a child or young person throughout their time in the youth justice system.

Find out more about assessment and planning in the youth justice system

We are interested in you, your life and what you have to say.

As part of us completing an assessment you and your family will be asked to complete your own assessment of who you are and what is important to you. We will explore how we can help you stay out of trouble and what support you need to get the most out of your life.

We can help with:

  • Communication – making sure that you have a voice and are heard.
  • Education, Employment and Training – helping you get back into school; education, training or employment.
  • Drugs and alcohol work – helping you understand your substance use and how it affects your behaviour or offending.
  • Support from CAMHS (mental health)– help you with managing emotions and trauma.
  • Use of time – helping you develop a skill or get involved in something you are interested in.
  • Staying Safe – helping you understand how to stay safe and supporting you to do so.
  • Increasing your Understanding – looking at how what you have done effects other people and helping you repair the harm (Restorative Justice).
  • Reparation – an opportunity to take part in reparation work to make amends for any harm that has been caused.

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