What people say about us

What parents and carers say

"They really enjoyed working with you and clearly understood the consequences of knife crime'
"E and I had a particularly tough time and there was a lot of support put in place that was centred around E and this was greatly needed. I feel that the case manager and RJ practitioner work well together and you make a good team. I feel as though you remained very calm and focused with E, which is something that was needed at the time."
"I can never thank C enough for doing an amazing job in working with B, she has taught him so much about life! B is now on a drug and drink program and is working with others due to G's advice in trying to get him on the right track. He is a healthier, happier kid, and this is definitely down to what you all provided for B and my family!"

What young people say

"Having role models helped. Even though we fell out sometimes, I know you were just doing your job and following the rules and we were okay!"
"We discussed what social media I used online and to help keep me safe on these sites."
"I feel like I now have a chance to become what I want to be, an architect."
“Learning about consequences to my actions made me realise what I do affects me and others.”

We passionately believe that through meaningful consultation, with children, young people, parents and carers, the service can be shaped and improved to achieve better outcomes.

Your feedback is important to us. If you have any comments, good or bad, please let us know via YouthJusticeServiceNotts@nottscc.gov.uk

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