Matt Wesson - Service Manager

Working at the Council I’ve always been supported and encouraged to grow, achieve and do the best I possibly can. The authority funded me to complete a master’s degree in Social Work at the University of Nottingham. It was hard work, but I achieved a First Class with great support and encouragement from my manager and team. 

It’s the people that really make Nottinghamshire a great place to work and being part of a strong and supportive team is a fundamental ingredient to success. I honestly feel that working somewhere else I wouldn’t have been able to achieve everything that I have.

Having completed my social work qualification I gained a promotion to the role of Practice Consultant in a District Child Protection Team, and then Team Manager of both an Assessment Team and Leaving Care Team.  After more than 20 years working for Nottinghamshire County Council, I’m now the Service Manager for Looked After Children and Leaving Care and continue to take everything I’ve learnt across working with children and families to focus on improving and developing our social work practice.

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