Our teams

Multi-agency safeguarding hub (MASH)


  • is the initial contact point for professionals and members of the public
  • share information quickly between agencies to enable decisions to be made at an early stage
  • make a decision regarding the need for further statutory or non-statutory assessment or intervention 
  • work to strict deadlines, responding to referrals according to the assessed level of urgency. 

The MASH is based at Sherwood Business Park, Annesley.

Assessment team

The assessment team:

  • responds to referrals which are received by the MASH
  • carry out time limited Child and Family Assessments and when needed section 47 (Child Protection) enquiries to determine whether the child is in need of specialist support from children’s social care, is in need of protection or a child in need of car
  • on completion of  the Child and Family Assessment the case will either close, be stepped down or transfer to another children’s social care team with an interim child protection plan, child in need plan or care plan (Looked After Child).

There are two Assessment Teams, one based in Ollerton covering Mansfield, Bassetlaw, and Newark and another in Arnold covering Ashfield, Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe.

District Child Protection Team

District Child Protection Teams (DCPTs):

  • have varied work; working with children of all ages who are subject of a child protection plan, child in need plan or care plan (Looked After Child)
  • work creatively with the aim of promoting positive change within the child’s home environment
  • work with families to identify necessary support and services that will enable them to move forward.

These teams are bases in localities across the county, and work from offices in Ollerton, Retford, Mansfield, Arnold and Beeston.

Court Work Team

 The Court team:

  • complete all relevant assessments of family members and provide evidence for Private and Family Court proceedings
  • ensure that the care and support needs of children are met whilst the court proceedings are ongoing, including children who are Looked After
  • liaise with colleagues in other teams, particularly the Permanence team.

This is a county wide team based in Ollerton.

Looked After Team

The looked after team:

  • provide a dedicated service to those children who are looked after for the longer term
  • work with partners to ensure the child’s health, education and emotional health needs are promoted and met to the highest standard possible
  • also liaise closely with foster team's supervising social workers to ensure foster carers have the support and understanding they need.

This is a county wide team with the office based in Ollerton.

Permanence team

The permanence team:

  • provide support to children who have a plan for adoption
  • key work involves helping children build a safe attachment to their foster carers and then transfer this attachment to the adoptive parents when they are placed
  • completes any relevant assessments, such as a sibling relationship assessment, throughout this period

This is a county wide team with the office based in Ollerton.

Children Disabilities Service (CDS)

The CDS:

  • carries out all of the statutory social work duties and responsibilities for children and young people with a permanent and substantial disability
  • following the receipt of a new referral the CDS undertake Child and Family Assessments (including S47 enquiries)
  • carry out specialised assessments for the child
  • work with the child (and family as appropriate) following assessment who are subject of a child protection plan, child in need plan or care plan (Looked After Child). 

CDS is a County-wide service with the office based in Mansfield.

Social Work Practice Consultants 

Practice consultants:

  • are social workers with significant post-qualifying experience, including of mentoring and supervising others
  • lead by example by managing complex case work
  • work flexibly across the department in designated fieldwork teams or the Practice Support Service Central Team
  • coach, mentor and develop the practice of individuals, groups and teams.

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