Ed Howell - Team Manager

I started my Social Work career at Nottinghamshire County Council, having completed my Social Work Masters at the University of Portsmouth. I found the ASYE programme at Nottinghamshire, and the support I received whilst undertaking the ASYE, to be invaluable in enabling me to develop my skills, knowledge and confidence as a social worker.

Following a period of around five years I returned to a District Child Protection team and, whilst a lot had changed during this time, what had remained was a supportive, welcoming, encouraging and professional environment.

Having experienced other local authorities and organisations I valued the ethos and culture of Nottinghamshire Children's Services. I have subsequently been supported to progress to a Team Manager role in one of the district teams, and I continue to benefit from ongoing support from my manager and colleagues. I do not believe that I would have found this move as smooth had I been working outside of Nottinghamshire County Council.

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