Julius Che –Social worker

I graduated from Wolverhampton University in 2015 with an MA social work and am currently studying for an MA Social Work Practice at Nottingham Trent University.

I chose to work for Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) because of its flexible working and good career progression opportunities.

Starting as a Newly Qualified Social Worker (NQSW) in April 2016 I’ve   had a great experience , with support from my team, manager and the Workforce Development Team. The training opportunities and mentor support have both been great and have helped me in grasping the challenging processes involved in working in a specialist team.

NCC has supported my progress through the ASYE and onto completing the consolidation ASYE module at NTU, which provided me with the platform to successfully complete the Practice Educator(PE) 1 & PE2 modules. I have also had the opportunity to sit on the ASYE Moderation Panel which has motivated me to mentor NQSWs on the ASYE programme and support student social workers as a Practice Educator.

I have been able to access tailored training with the D2N2 partnership and other opportunities from partner agencies and the Universities of Nottingham and NTU. I have continuously accessed the online training hub and attend classroom workshops to keep my knowledge and skills up to date.

Since joining NCC, I have used the ASYE course and my role as a Practice Educator to explore the Knowledge and Skill Statements (KSS) which currently form the basis for children social work practice. The KSS indicate the level of understanding social workers need to support children and families around child development, diversity, assessments, use of critical reflection in responding to challenges and learning needs, use of organisational policies and procedures in service deliverance and understanding how mental health can impact on parenting and social interaction/development.

I intend to continue to work for NCC for many more years with the desire to join the workforce and organisational development team

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