Caudwell House

Caudwell House provides residential care and overnight short breaks to children with physical disabilities and associated learning difficulties and/or health needs. We are happy to consider children from within and outside of Nottinghamshire. 


Caudwell House is a 12-bed Home providing care for children from 10-18 years who have a physical disability and /or an associated health need. Under 10's and over 18's may be considered under special circumstances. Each case will be assessed on an individual basis.

An emergency admission may be possible providing admission criteria are met. 

We can only offer a service to children who have health procedures that can be administered and performed by our staff once trained by a health professional, as agreed by the Royal College of Nursing. If a child requires a clinical procedure that only a health professional can perform then a place cannot be offered.

Please contact us for further information and to speak to the registered manager.

We are happy to consider children from within and outside of Nottinghamshire

Within Nottinghamshire:

To access the service, children within Nottinghamshire must have an assessed need identified and have had their service needs agreed via a panel process. Find information here on our Disability Service

Outside of Nottinghamshire:

Children outside of Nottinghamshire can access Caudwell House by purchasing a place through their Local Authority or Health commissioner or with private funding. Enquiries can be made directly to the registered manager: 01636 813170 /

Our vision

The overriding principle at Caudwell House is that the children we care for should have an experience that is as enjoyable as possible, in a safe, healthy and relaxed environment which enables them to reach their full potential.

Caudwell House works in partnership with our children, their parent/carers and others, to provide a service that is appropriate to the children and responsive to their needs. 

We achieve this by being committed to: 

  • taking a 'children first' approach and treating each child as an individual with specific needs
  • offering the highest standards of physical and emotional care, consistent with the child's usual routine
  • empowering children by offering choices whenever possible and by giving opportunities to experiment and encourage independence
  • treating each child with respect, taking into consideration race, gender, culture, religion and sexual issues
  • treating parents/carers with respect, having awareness of their position and applying a non-judgemental approach
  • involving children and their families and/or carers in the decisions that affect them
  • placing great importance on the views of children and their families and/or carers, using their suggestions, criticism and comments to effect change in the day to day running of the establishment and shape the development of the service

Each child is assigned a case manager and a key worker who ensure the child's needs are met, that there is good liaison with parents, carers and others and that all work in partnership to benefit the child. A detailed 'About Me' folder and plan for each child ensures consistency of care. 


Children enjoy access to a range of social, recreational, play and leisure activities, both within the home and within the community. They are able to mix with friends and access stimulating opportunities to promote their development.

We undertake a wide range of outings, introducing children to various activities such as ice skating, horse riding, bowling, the theatre, cinema and meals out. Through everything we do at Caudwell House we strive to promote Independence, Communication and Choice, wherever this is appropriate to a child.

Our facilities

We have 12 beds; 4 are for residents and the remaining 8 are for children requiring overnight short breaks. All children have their own bedroom.

The bedrooms are arranged in 3 small groups, each with its own kitchen, lounge and dining room. This enables highly personalised care within ‘home-like’ environments.

All rooms have either overhead hoists or mobile hoists for safe moving and handling. Our Occupational Therapist supports all aspect of moving, handling and equipment. All resident children have their own equipment.

We have:

  • extensive grounds
  • adapted / accessible outdoor play equipment
  • a all-weather outdoor play area
  • our own sensory, media, art and craft rooms
  • pamper room
  • playroom with interactive and sensory equipment
  • soft play areas and ball pools
  • a good selection of computer games, films, books, board games and toys

All areas at Caudwell House are maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Hear from our manager - Tina Galloway

All the staff here, both those in care roles and those that provide vital support, work together to ensure a child’s time at Caudwell, whether as a resident or on a short break is a positive experience. The team at Caudwell are skilled, knowledgeable, competent and confident and are committed and passionate about ensuring the children have fun, are stimulated, try new experiences and reach their full potential by providing individualised and child-centred care. Communication, choice and ensuring safety are always at the forefront of everything we do.
I love working with children and have done so all of my life, but watching the strength, resilience and determination that many disabled children and their families demonstrate and being a part of the achievements they make, however small, is so rewarding. I am proud of what we do, the dedication the staff show, and the fact this has been recognised by Ofsted, which has awarded us an “Outstanding” rating since 2011.

Our other services

At Caudwell House we are always looking at ways we can support our children, their families and other professionals who serve them. Our additional services include:

  • Sibling Days: As well as our annual fun day and Christmas party, we hold 2 sibling days per year, so our children can join in activities with their brothers and sisters.
  • Access for Schools: We are happy for schools to use our facilities such as the sensory areas, rooms where lessons can be held or our outdoor areas.
  • Training / Meeting Room: Our training room accommodates 15-20 people seated, more if tables are removed, and has a projector and flipcharts.

Directions/how to find us

Caudwell House is in the small rural town of Southwell, famous for its Minster, its racecourse and the original Bramley apple tree. An exquisite garden centre and swan sanctuary is just a short walk away.

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