Equipment we loan

You may be eligible for social care support with equipment. After a care and support assessment we will talk to you about your situation and what equipment might help you. Any equipment we provide is free of charge for as long as you need it. The type of equipment we provide may include bathing and toileting and moving and handling equipment.

Broken equipment 

Equipment supplied by us will have a label on it saying that it comes from Nottinghamshire County Council, British Red Cross or Nottingham Rehab Supplies.

  • If it was supplied within the past 12 months telephone ICES Red Cross to arrange for a replacement
  • If you have had the equipment from us for more than 12 months contact us for a new assessment
  • If the equipment was not supplied by us contact the original supplier for advice and support.

Returning equipment

If you no longer need a piece of equipment that we’ve supplied contact ICELS Red Cross to arrange its return.


If your needs are greater, find out more about adaptations to your home.

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