Transport to services

The Council may be able to fund transport for users of adult social care in exceptional circumstances where there is no suitable or appropriate alternative.

If you think you may find it difficult getting to services provided by us, we can talk to you about whether the Council can provide transport for you.

You will have to complete an assessment to see if you are eligible. It is possible for you to be eligible for care and support services, but not eligible to have transport provided for you or funded.

If you are eligible we can arrange transport for you with one of our own vehicles or a vehicle arranged for you, such as a taxi or specialist ambulance.

Alternatively, you can take funding for transport in the form of a direct payment.

In both cases, the charge for transport is £9.50 per service, per day (single or return), regardless of however far you travel.

To find out more, contact our customer service team

You can also find out more about Independent Travel Training for adults here.

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