Food standards

We can help you to negotiate the complex regulations around food composition and labelling to ensure that each individual product – and every variation of that product – is compliant.

We have expertise in some of the more challenging product areas, including health claims, food supplements and ready meals.

We offer a comprehensive labelling consultancy which encompasses:

  • ingredients
  • descriptions
  • QUID
  • allergens
  • nutrition
  • weights and measures.

Our service will give you confidence that your label is accurate and meets legal requirements. Our services also cover nutritional calculations and allergen compliance.

We can offer assistance with due diligence and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plans including third party audits to ensure that those supplying you meet your high standards and do not jeopardise your reputation.

We can also advise you on marketing to assist you with avoiding the pitfalls of the complex food regulation regime.

As regulators, we are connected to the best sources of information and can tap into a network of Trading Standards and Environmental Health professionals nationwide to ensure our advice is based on a wide range of experience and knowledge. We also have access to a public analyst for product testing and expert opinion.

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