We can offer qualified lead auditors who have experience in the areas of retail, manufacturing and importation. They have extensive knowledge of auditing and testing of traceability and due diligence systems in a number of areas including product safety, food and animal feed. Officers are qualified to level 3 in HACCP.

As well as auditing your business’ internal systems we can also audit your suppliers to ensure their standards match your expectations and do not compromise the integrity of your product. We can provide audits as a one off or part of a comprehensive package to identify non compliances and address them with advice and support to ensure your business is protected to a high level.

Products of Designated Origin (PDO)

As the auditor for the Stilton Cheese PDO we understand the importance of a rigorous process to protect the integrity of cherished products. We can carry out audits, assist in setting standards and mentor new businesses aspiring to reach the prized designation. This can be provided as part of a package covering food standards and weights and measures if required.

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